Tuition & Fees

Monthly Tuition:

All tuition amounts listed are monthly.  Tuition is due by the 5th day of each month, and is paid for the months of August through May (10 months).

20 months – 2 years old (Two days/week):  $150/month

20 months – 2 years old (Monday-Thursday):  $225/month

3 years old (Monday – Thursday): $175 *Must be FULLY potty trained for this class or will have to pay the 4-day 2’s fee of $225 per month*

4 years old/pre-K (Monday-Thursday):  $175

 “Stay Day” is optional each day. You must be at least 2-1/2 (30 months) to participate.
Children bring a lunch from home and enjoy playtime with their friends!
12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m. – $3.50 per day

Other Fees:

Registration:  $150*
Supplies:  $50 annually (due at the time of registration)

*$50 is non-refundable, and $50 is applied toward the first month’s tuition.