Two Year Old Classes

Our two year old classes meet either two time a week (choose two days, Monday-Thursday) or four times a week (Monday-Thursday) from 9 a.m. to noon, and focus on children’s increasing independence and developing skills.  Classes have a 6:1 student/teacher ratio.

Developmental Goals for Two Year Old Classes

Language Skills
Say “please” and “thank you”
Ask for needs
Begin to express frustration with words instead of crying
Begin to use descriptive words (big, little, pretty)
Follow simple directions
Songs, rhymes, and finger plays
Understand positional word
Identify body parts
Look at books, listen to stories, and look at pictures of stories being read

Fine Motor Skills
Stack blocks
String large beads
Hold crayon, marker, and paintbrush
Sort and place lids on plastic containers
Use play dough
Drink from cup with out lid
Explore textures (rice, cooking, and finger painting)
Pouring from container to container (rice table)
Complete simple puzzles
Tear paper

Gross Motor Skills
Jump with two feet
Run and dance
Go up and down playground ramp
Hold onto swing while being pushed
Throw a ball
Walk on tiptoes
Kick a ball
Stand on one foot with aid
Catch a balloon
Drop objects into large container

Social and Self-Help Skills
Respect others – no hitting or biting
Get along in the group
Sit at the table with group
Begin toilet training
Begin dressing self (pull up pants, put on coat)
Wash hands
Keep objects out of mouth
Hold onto pole when walking with group (introduce walking in a line)
Role plays (housekeeping, dress up)

Science Skills
Curiosity about how things work
Helps stir/shake, add ingredients when cooking
Begin to know colors
Weather words
Introduce seasons
Observe life cycles (frogs, butterflies, and chicks)
Sense (smell, touch, taste, hear, see)

Math Skills
Starts sorting and classifying
Shapes:  sorting and names of
Say how old they are
Count 2 or 3 objects
Counting finger plays (5 little monkeys, etc.)
Nest objects