Three Year Old Classes

Our three year old classes meet four times a week (Monday – Thursday) from 9 a.m. to noon, and focus on children’s increasing independence and developing skills.  Classes have an 8:1 student/teacher ratio.

Developmental Goals for Three Year Old Classes

Language Skills
Sing simple songs
Say nursery rhymes
Listen to simple stories
Sitting for longer stories
Looking at books
Simple conversation
Recognize their name
Know positional words

Fine Motor Skills
Hold scissors correctly
Simple cutting and snipping
Sort colors, objects – larger to smaller
Pour into cup
Using 3 finger grasp

Gross Motor Skills
Swing without assistance
Catch a large ball
Know body parts
Toss objects into container
Pedal a tricycle

Social and Self Help Skills
Use bathroom by self
Put coat on by self
Hang up coat, school bag
Turns on water faucet, get soap and towel by self
Good hand washing habits
Get tissue and blow nose by self

Science Skills
Try new foods
Learn about healthy eating
Learn 5 senses-eyes for seeing, nose for smelling, etc.
Pour rice, oatmeal, etc.
“Where we live”
Day and night

Math Skills
Count objects to 10
Sort objects by color and shape
Follow simple patterns
Complete small cardboard puzzles
Counting snack foods
Recognize shapes (circle, square, triangle, star, and heart)
Recognize colors