Four Year Old/Pre-Kindergarten Classes

Our four year old classes meet four times a week (Monday – Thursday) from 9 a.m. to noon, and prepare children to enter Kindergarten the following year.  Classes have an 8:1 student/teacher ratio.

Developmental Goals for Four Year Old Classes

Language Skills
Recognize most capitals and know there is a capital and lower case for each letter
Some letter sounds
Recognize own and friends printed names
Know there are theme words and everything has a word
Rhyming words
Sequencing 3-6 cards
Recite simple rhymes and nursery rhymes
Know days of week
Know months of year

Fine Motor Skills
Good cutting skills (simple shapes)
Draw simple shapes; connect shapes from simple drawings, rubber band boards
Small peg in pegboards and string small beads
Draws four parts on a body when drawing people
Complete 10-24 piece puzzles
Write own name
Zip and button

Gross Motor Skills
Walk using up/down steps alternating feet
Walk backwards
Walk on balance beam
Pedal a tricycle
Pump on swing
Hop with 2 feet and 1 foot
Catch a large ball

Social and Self Help Skills
Follow 2-3 step directions
Know address/phone number
Sit 10-15 minutes
Extended play with items
Play cooperatively with 2 and 3 together
Independently can take care of self (toilet, hand washing and clothing)

Science Skills
Measuring (cooking, rice table)
Sort or name animals by type (farm, zoo, nocturnal, dinosaurs, insects, etc.)
Balance weights (more, less, same)
Seasons, weather

Math Skills
Extend ABC patterns (aab, abb)
Count 1-20
Count 1-1 correspondence to at least 5
Sort by shape, size and color
Simple graphing
Recognize numbers 1-10
Introduce numbers to 100